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The Guide "Safe Use of Platinum Group Metals in the Workplace" is a sector-wide consensus document promoting the safe handling of PGMs in the workplace. It is targeted at health professionals and those responsible for day-to-day operations in the industry. This guide will be valuable in advancing awareness of the hazards and risks associated with occupational exposure to PGMs, and how to effectively manage them to promote the health and safety of the workforce. It represents just one part of a comprehensive and voluntary stewardship program which is underway in the PGM industry with the aim of protecting the health of employees who work with PGMs.

The main health effect of concern for certain forms of platinum in industrial settings is respiratory sensitisation, commonly referred to as platinum salt sensitivity (PSS). It has almost exclusively been confined to workers exposed to certain compounds of platinum known as complex halogenated platinum salts (CHPS), of which chloroplatinates are the most common forms.  Most PGMs are integral to the workplaces in which they are used, and typically cannot be eliminated or readily substituted. The Guide therefore emphasises the proper control of soluble complex salts of platinum which are respiratory sensitisers by providing examples and suggestions for consideration in the design and implementation of occupational health and safety programs for worker protection.

NOTE: This Guide has been prepared by independent consultants in collaboration with specialists within the member companies of the IPA. Independent expert peer reviews and opinions have also been obtained. The Guide is not intended to be relied upon as a definitive or exhaustive source – readers are encouraged to obtain further information, such as that available in supplier safety data sheets. Furthermore, legal conditions and requirements are constantly evolving and readers are required to verify compliance with applicable local regulations related to worker medical surveillance (scroll down for "Conditions of Use and Disclaimer")

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Download of IPA Guidance Document

The Guidance Document "Safe Use of Platinum Group Metals in the Workplace" consists of ten chapters which can be downloaded individually (PDF):

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Executive Summary

Chapter 2 – Physical and Chemical Properties of Platinum Group Metals

Chapter 3 – Production and Uses of Platinum Group Metals

Chapter 4 – Sources of Exposure to Platinum Group Metals

Chapter 5 – Toxicokinetics of Platinum and other Platinum Group Metals

Chapter 6 – Toxicity of Platinum and Platinum Compounds (with summaries for other PGMs)

Chapter 7 – Medical Surveillance of Workers Exposed to Respiratory Sensitising Platinum Compounds

Chapter 8 – Workplace Monitoring

Chapter 9 – Control Measures and Management Systems

Chapter 10 – Workplace Regulatory Systems and Hazard Communication

FAQ: "Questions and Answers" – download here.

Press release: "Platinum Industry publishes Comprehensive Guide to the Safe use of Platinum Group Metals in the Workplace" – download here.

Conditions of Use and Disclaimer

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