Due to its rarity and purity, and its natural white colour, associated with its enduring quality and resistance to tarnishing, platinum has been used for decoration since the 7th century BC. Today, platinum is a very popular metal for bridal jewellery in many countries and for fashion jewellery in Asia in particular. With the rise of consumer wealth, China has become the largest market accounting for 50 per cent of the world's platinum jewellery off take.

As jewellery metal on its own, palladium has become attractive as a wedding band for men because it is strong, durable and its low density allows bigger and bolder jewellery designs to be created and worn with ease. Palladium has attracted a growing number of fashion-forward jewellery designers.


Platinum offers the securest setting for diamonds, a recent study suggests

In May 2021, Platinum Guild International (PGI) has released the findings of a formal independent study which proves the long-supported anecdotal evidence of platinum’s superiority in wear resistance and gem setting security versus that of gold jewellery. The most recent phase of research represented the third in a series of platinum wear testing studies, spanning 2016 to 2020. Conducted by fem Research Institute Precious Metals + Metal Chemistry, in association with TechForm Advanced Casting Technology and PGI, the study aimed to characterise the underlying reasons for platinum’s reported wear superiority.

According to the study results, platinum alloys demonstrate superior wear resistance over white gold alloys with the absolute and relative volume losses of the platinum alloys demonstrating to be lower than that of the gold alloys. The research has provided conclusive evidence that platinum is the superior precious metal for fine jewellery, and the securest setting for diamonds.

A final phase of research with additional alloys used across international markets is currently being conducted.  The report’s published results in the Johnson Matthey Technology Review (JMTR) are available at and will be included in the upcoming July issue of the JMTR.

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