Heavy-duty demo vehicle

Heavy-duty demo vehicle shows feasibility of ultra-low NOx emissions

IPA, AECC, and their partners have been running a heavy-duty demo vehicle to demonstrate that ultra-low NOx emissions are technically feasible in a wide range of driving conditions. AECC has improved the integration of proven emission control technologies on the demonstrator vehicle in a commercially feasible manner. As a result, the demo truck keeps regulated pollutants and also non-regulated emissions such as ammonia, nitrous oxide and ultra-fine particulates under control. Additionally, the vehicle project shows this is possible with minimum impact on CO2 emissions. The AECC heavy-duty demo vehicle will also be tested with 100% renewable fuel, to show the potential CO2 emissions reduction on life cycle assessment basis. 

In this video AECC’s EU Technical Affairs Manager Pablo Mendoza Villafuerte outlines how the Association is reducing heavy-duty vehicle emissions through its heavy-duty demonstration project and continuous innovation of emission controls.