PM Consortium

Precious Metals (PM) and Rhenium Consortium

Consortia - why?

The main purpose and advantages of consortia formation was seen in the optimization of pre-registration activities. This includes data sharing and substance identification as well as the sharing of costs for testing, administration and registration. As companies wishing to register the same substance are required by the regulation to exchange data within so-called SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Fora), data sharing under consortia does not imply any competitive disadvantage. Consortia also offer the opportunity to optimize the quality of the registration dossiers, to agree on classification and labelling and to leverage a larger pool of expertise. Thereby, consortia can help to strengthen the position of the industry in interactions with the Agency. The Agency strongly supports consortia formation and the submission of one technical dossier per substance to avoid data inconsistency and reduce workload.

The European Precious Metals Federation within Eurométaux, the European organization representing the non-ferrous metals industry, has launched a working structure for the formation of a consortium for precious metals – including silver and silver substances; gold and gold substances; platinum group metals and PGM substances. On September 15, 2007, the Precious Metals and Rhenium Consortium (PM and Rh Consortium) has been founded by 25 Founding Members, including some of our IPA members. Meanwhile, the PM and Rh Consortium has grown to a consortium of over 40 members and has installed working groups and task forces to optimize data exchange for registration.

The IPA is an associated member of Eurométaux and is actively following the process on behalf of its members.

In 2008, the PM and Rh Consortium produced an inventory of tonnage bands for pre-registration. Currently, the Consortium is working on a data gap analysis, produces an inventory of "general uses" for the registration phase and issues a recommendation regarding the lead registrant (required by the regulation).

Within its different working groups, the PM and Rh Consortium takes care of management processes, legal, technical and cost sharing aspects. Any party interested in joining the Consortium can either contact IPA or the European Precious Metals Federation.