Registration of PGMs under REACH is covered by the Precious Metals and Rhenium Consortium which works under the auspices of the EPMF.

The PGM project covers platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium, and their compounds, and is currently chaired by Dave Boyd, Consultant (United Kingdom).

These substances are being prepared for registration by the Precious Metals and Rhenium Consortium. Due to the number of Dossiers to be prepared, the PGM project constitutes the Consortium's largest project. Based on REACH requirements, the registration deadline for all Platinum Group Metals has been identified as from 2018, with platinum involving 11 substances and 4 intermediates (Lead Registrant: Vale), palladium 16 substances and 4 intermediates (LR: Umicore), rhodium 14 substances and 4 intermediates (LR: Anglo), iridium 5 substances, 2 intermediates (LR: Johnson Matthey), and ruthenium 6 substances and 4 intermediates (LR: Heraeus). The Lead Registrant is responsible for the submission of the registration dossier to ECHA and is assisted by the Consortium Secretariat in fulfilling related duties. Co-Registrants submit co-registration dossiers referring to the Lead Registrant's dossier to ECHA after the Lead Registrant's dossier has successfully passed ECHA's REACH-IT checks.

The Consortium has already executed a data-gap analysis and has developed an integrated testing strategy in order to fulfil REACH information requirements as from 2011 in a tiered and stepwise manner. Considering the reasonably low availability of data on certain PGMs, but also the low tonnage bands in which these are manufactured and/or imported, REACH information requirements will be fulfilled by both testing and read-across. Depending on the outcome of the testing programme and the identification of hazards, where a Chemical Safety Report is required, exposure and emissions data will be collected.

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