Responsible sourcing of metals and minerals, while respecting the needs of surrounding communities and minimising environmental impacts, requires more than a tick-box reporting or data gathering exercise. The PGM industry has therefore incorporated Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices and solid sustainability initiatives into its long-term strategic planning and decision-making process.

The PGM industry acknowledges the growing importance of eco-social stability to retain its licence to operate.

"Our definition of "sustainability" expands beyond the traditional boundaries of safety, health and environment, to also consider the sustainability of the business as a whole, and especially, to include the widely adopted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)."



SDG Mapping Project

The SDG Mapping gives a status quo view of the IPA Members’ contributions to the SDGs and holds an honest mirror to the PGM industry. It provides evidence of where the Members have put their focus in terms of sustainability, and a picture of where the industry’s focus can be maintained, strengthened or re-directed in the context of material issues currently affecting the industry and its sustainability footprint

The 2021 Report "Platinum Group Metals for a Sustainable World" can be downloaded here